Golden Eagle Hideout

Golden Eagle Hideout

A golden eagle flying in the dark.Photo: Conny Lundström
Golden eagle close up.Photo: Conny Lundström
Two golden eagles attacking a fox.Photo: Conny Lundström
Photoshooting inside the hideout.Photo: Conny Lundström

Rent a hideout with possibility to close encounters with the golden eagle.

The place is carefully chosen with good environment for photographers; hilly pine forest and wetlands. Other birds of prey like gyrfalcon, sea eagle, goshawk and red fox can also show up. The hide out is built with stove and lavatory and can take up to 4 persons.


Extreme golden eagle photography

Many years ago, Conny photographed a young golden eagle from one of his hides. It was ringed and he managed to get a picture of the ring, telling him that the bird was native to Finland. “It...