Highlights of Swedish Lapland

Highlights of Swedish Lapland

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Treehotel.Photo: Graeme Richardson
Pack Ice Snowmobile Safari at Brändön Lodge.Photo: Fredrik Broman
ICEHOTEL.Photo: Photo: Graeme Richardson.

Between the coast and the mountains of Swedish Lapland lie vast forests, wild rivers and wildlife.

There is a great diver­sity between the modern coastal city of Luleå, a city characterized by urban nature, and the life of the Sami – Scandinavia’s only indigenous people who we’ll get to know by visiting a Sami at his reindeer farm and through the visit to Ájtte – the Swedish Sámi and mountain museum in Jokkmokk. Highlights of Swedish Lapland is a round trip that includes all the elements that will make your experience of the region complete, from the coast to the mountains.

Some of the attractions include Luleå Ice track, Icehotel, Treehotel, Gammelstad Church Town World Heritage Site and exploration activities in the frozen archipelago like pack ice safari with snowmobile and husky safari.

ICEHOTEL, a frozen icon

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