Horseback riding in the land of the midnight sun

Horseback riding in the land of the midnight sun

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Enjoy the midnight sun from horseback.Photo: LaplandVuollerim
Horseback riding in the midnight sun.Photo: LaplandVuollerim
In Vuollerim you will find great riding paths.Photo: LaplandVuollerim
Horseback riding in the most beautiful of natural surroundings.Photo: LaplandVuollerim

A long ride on great horses and really good riding paths with light at all hours.

With an experienced rider as a guide, you will stop and make coffee on your trip. You will be picked up at the hotel, taken to the stable where you and the instructor groom and saddle up the horses. Horse riding enjoyed in the most beautiful of natural surroundings. You will totally revitalize your body and soul in the peace, tranquility and real clean, fresh air in this wonderful surrounding. The ride, available from the middle of June – end of July, is between one and a half and two hours and includes a guide and refreshments.

Nominated for Best Outdoor Product of the Year 2010 at the Wilderness Fair in Stochholm. The Wilderness Fair is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia, with over 60,000 visitors per year.


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