House-Jumping dinners

House-Jumping dinners

Good company is always nice to have.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim
"Skål" is the swedish word for cheers.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim
Time for house-jumping dinners!Photo: Lapland Vuollerim
A nice dinner outside.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim

A magical, deeply appreciated experience with wonderful, genuine meetings!

This unique program offers you the opportunity to experience the genuine, warm hospitality of the people who call Swedish Lapland home by visiting three local families over the course of an evening meal. This is a great experience for those who appreciate genuine encounters with engaged and welcoming hosts. The appetizer is served in the first house, the main course in the second home and dessert and coffee in the third home. This has been a favorite event for past guests.


Vuollerim – a small village with thousands of bright ideas

Picture this: A small, rural village above the Arctic Circle, all covered in snow, the sun hasn’t risen above the horizon for weeks, where every verge, driveway, doorway, parking lot, actually any...

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