JL Guiding for salmon

JL Guiding for salmon

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Photo: Ted Logart

Deep within the forests of Swedish Lapland, guide Jesper Larsson will take you to the secret places of the salmon rivers of the north.

JL guiding take you fishing in groups of maximum 2 persons, in search of Baltic salmon in different parts and in different rivers of Swedish Lapland. You always go fishing at the best time of the day/night, letting the conditions and the rhythm of the rivers decide; giving you the best chance to get in contact with the Lapland Silver! The rivers that are to our disposal is Muonio (homeriver), Lainio river and Torneå river! You’ll be staying in the Rajamaa Camp, 200 meter from the brink of Muonio.

How to catch a Baltic salmon

How to catch a Baltic salmon in Swedish Lapland? That’s the 100-dollar question for many salmon fly fishermen. But there’s some good news. It’s getting easier. A lot easier. During the last years,...

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