Photo: Anders Alm
Photo: Camilla Niemi
Photo: Graeme Richardson
Photo: Graeme Richardson

The old farmsted kaptensgården is a restaurant located in the middle of the picturesque Gammelstad Church Town 10 km from the modern city of Luleå.

Gammelstad Church Town has been listed as one of Sweden’s World Heritage Site since 1996 and is the largest and best preserved church town in Sweden and Scandinavia. The medieval Gammelstad church from the 1400s and the village itself has an interesting history with the goal to Christianise the ‘heathen north’ where farmers in the region had very large distances to travel on their mandatory church holidays. With over 400 red and white cottages surrounding and just a few hundred meters from the old medieval church, Kaptensgården is today a restaurant often used for private banquets, business groups or conference dinners, catering, Christmas dinners and wedding receptions. The food traditions of Swedish Lapland with some international influences and always prepared with locally produced food. For example, salmon, reindeer, ptarmigan, wild berries and the famous Kalix whitefish roe are always in focus at Kaptensgården.

‘Live cooking’ food experience

The head chef Johan Thingvall who has been the owner of Kaptensgården since 2004 invites you to an intimate and personal food ‘live cooking’ experience. Starting at the Gammelstad church square he will take you on a quick tour around the church and tell you about the history of the church town. You’ll also get a peek inside one of the over 400 church cottages. After the quick tour of the church town there is only a short walk to Kaptensgården. Sit down next to a cosy open fire and enjoy a warm welcome drink. Johan will then cook you an 8 course tasting menu in front of you. He will tell all about the ingredients and from where in Swedish Lapland they are gathered, hunted or produced. In order to learn more about the local food you are served you will also have an iPad in front of you with all the facts during the dinner. The menu may vary by season and according to the chef’s choice. Share the experience with other guests, maximum 8 people in total per occasion.


The taste of Swedish Lapland

In Swedish Lapland we keep honestly prepared food from local produce close to heart. That comes quite naturally to us since we are surrounded by nature’s pureness and lots of great ingredients. We...