Lapland Winter Gem

Lapland Winter Gem

Photo: Lapplandsafari
Photo: Ammanärsfjällens islandshästar
Photo: Ammarnäs Wärdshus
Photo: Staffan Widstrand

Long weekend winter tour.

Do you want to get away from everyday life, if only so for a while? Lapland Winter Gem is a long weekend tour including accommodation in Ammarnäs Wärdshus, a mountain hotel with amazing views over the mountains and river. You will be welcomed with a culinary taste experience with a small assortment of traditional artisan Sami products and storytelling about the Sámi culture and crafts, always with a local. The Visitors’ centre Naturum is an interesting meeting place, for people all ages to learn about the area’s diverse cultural and natural history. With the additional guided tours and activities available for booking, you find varying and exciting ways of experiencing the surrounding stunning nature of the mountains and the nature reserve.

This activity available from early January to end of April includes:

  • 3 overnights in double room with hotel standard incl. breakfast.
  • Daily afternoon tea or coffee.
  • Welcoming and information about activities and clothing etc.
  • Culinary taste experience with a small assortment of traditional Sámi products from Fjällvilt, the local farm shop.
  • Storytelling about the Sami culture and crafts with a local Sami.
  • Visitors’ centre Naturum. An interesting meeting place for all ages to learn about the area’s natural and cultural history.
  • Free WiFi and sauna.

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