Laponia backcountry adventure

Laponia backcountry adventure

Photo: Fjällaktiv Lappland

Across the Arctic high land on skis.

On the Laponia backcountry adventure, you will experience the tranquillity and challenge of crossing the high plateaus of Padjelanta National Park. As you follow natural paths through the wide-open landscape you’ll pass close to the most remote point in Sweden. Spotting tracks from animals that survive the winter on the Arctic tundra are more likely than seeing any other people. You spend the night in heated cabins where you cook together on gas stoves and search the sky outside for northern light.

Padjelanta National Park is the biggest national park in Sweden and part of the Laponia world heritage. The almost 2000 square kilometre contain a rolling landscape surrounding three bigger lakes collecting water from the Sulitelma glacier. The Sami people named the area ”Badjelánnda” which means ”the higher land” and in early summer their reindeer migrate through this area on their way to the summer grassing area.

This is a tour for you who…

…wants an active winter vacation and experience the pure arctic winter landscape on skis. You’ll need to be a fairly strong skier, be able to carry a backpack of about 10-15 kg and some days drag a sledge with common food and equipment. The program includes some longer days with distances over 20 km off-trail.

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