Laponia ski tour

Laponia ski tour

Seasons to visit:

Winter, Spring

Photo: Laponia Adventures

Arctic spring in the World Heritage Laponia.

The arctic spring offers day temperatures above freezing and colder nights that keep the snow from melting. We ski with light backpacks from hut to hut and discover the world heritage around the majestic Ahkka Mountain. From the huts we do daytrips, depending on the group we might climb a smaller peak or relax in a sunny wind protected snow couch. In April, the days are long with only a few hours of darkness but if you stay awake you could get awarded with a northern light show crossing the sky.

Together we travel where the jagged peaks of Sarek National Park meet the high plains of Padjelanta. During centuries, the Sami People have lived and worked in the area and followed the reindeers during their migration from summer to winter grassing area. Since 1996 it is protected by UNESCO as a part of Laponia World heritage for its unique combination of nature and culture.

This tour is for you want to visit the three biggest national parks in Sweden and the World Heritage of Laponia, enjoy the long days of April and sleep in cozy mountain cabins. As most of the food is already delivered to the cabins it allows us to travel with a backpack of only about 8-10kg. The tour requires some skiing skills but no earlier mountain experience.

On skis through Sarek National Park

Picture yourself on a pair of skis, with nothing but mountains and snow as far as the eye can see. But a direction, a goal somewhere behind all those mountains. Hear mountain guide Mirja, describe...

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