Luleå Guided Tours and Activities

Luleå Guided Tours and Activities

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Luleå Guided Tours offers guided transfer tours and guided activities. These tours are between hotel and lodge locations and between a guest’s accommodation and their chosen activity.

Luleå Guided Tours can meet you at the Luleå Airport or the train station, welcome you to Swedish Lapland and take you on a guided tour to your next destination. Subsequent tours can include sightseeing between local places or they can be activity based.

Our tours are always informative and fun. On the tour to Harads, for example, you will learn more about the region when you drive through the World Heritage Gammelstad Church Town. A UNESCO world heritage site. Your guide will introduce you to a wide range of interesting places along the Luleå river valley and convey information about the region, its people and its history. Tours and activities are conducted in English or Swedish and in other languages on special request. Note that the tours are open and passengers other than your group may also be on the tour.

The warm welcome means that you will have a new friend in Swedish Lapland to guide you between all the main locations in the Luleå region including the airport, Luleå, Sörbyn, Brändön and Harads. On our tours, which will take a wandering route past local places of interest, your guide will discuss the history and culture of the local area and Swedish Lapland. Activity tours include doglsedding, snowmobiles, hovercraft, fishing and cross country skiing and are available on fixed departures and on request.

Fishing tours are available in the summer time from June to September and your guide will show you some great local places to fish for Pike or Trout. We can of course supply equipment and the transfer to and from our secret fishing locations.

Dogsledding tours are available in the winter months from the middle of December to the end of march. They are available as drive your own tours or you may wish to sit on the sled and have a musher guide the team. Either way this is a fantastic adventure and one of our most popular. The tours are usually 2 hours and transfers to and from the Husky kennel are of course included when booking with Luleå Guided Tours.

Snowmobile tours range from 2 to 4 hours and are conducted on the frozen sea of the Luleå archipelago with the longer tour including lunch. We explore the sea ice and some of the 1300 plus islands of the frozen archipelago. On this tour there are good chances to see wildlife such as moose and sea eagles and reindeer. The later spending their winter months on the islands.

It is important to provide the following information with each email booking to Luleå Guided Tours so we can provide the best possible service. Number of passengers, booking surname or if possible full passenger names, Date of arrival at airport or pickup at hotel, Time of arrival at airport or pickup at hotel, flight number if known.

Walking on water in Luleå

There are many ways in which the people of Luleå make light work of the challenges brought forth in the arctic climate in which they live. Like ice skating. And twenty other ways of moving along t...