Moose Safari

Moose Safari

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A moose.Photo: Love Rynbäck

You will be seated comfortably in a sled watching for moose along the snowy trails.

When the snow is sufficiently thick normally in February, the moose start a migration in the river valley seeking food in the vast winterlandscape. With a little bit of luck its easy to spot and observe the giant animals in their natural habitat. We equip you with thermal outerwear and warm hat and shoes and take off with snowmobile. At the right moment we make a fire and make a BBQ with sausage, bread, soft drinks and coffee boiled over open fire. And maybe you’ll have a try on tour on snowshoes to follow the footprints from the moose.

This 4-5 hour activity available from the middle of December – middle of March includes:

  • Thermal clothing
  • Coffee and sandwich around campfire

Scouting for moose

This is kind of an introduction to Swedish Lapland. Starting out softly with kokkaffe, cinnamon buns and a tour of a wilderness exhibition – and ending up in a hole in the ice in the middle of now...