Northern lights safari

Northern lights safari

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The Northern Light.Photo: Graeme Richardson

Northern Lights safari in the forests of Swedish Lapland.

CreActive Adventure guides meets you at Sörbyn Lodge. If necessary they equip you with warm clothing for a night out in the forests of Swedish Lapland. You then take off with a 4×4 car searching for the Northern Lights, in the area of Råne River Valley there are some good mountain peaks with great view over the vast forest landscapes. Where there is road you can reach the peak partly by 4×4 and then a short hike to the dark forest, off course they will equip you with head torches. If you never been in a forest night time this is a surreal experience full of shadows and lights.

Northern Lights can be seen from end of August to end of March when we have dark and clear nights up here, however there is no guarantee since this is a natural phenomena that occurs sporadically. So a clear night and some luck is what you need to succeed, at the mountain top you and your guide make a fire and make a BBQ with sausage, bread, soft drinks and coffee boiled over open fire. After a nice evening in the boreal forest you then head back for Sörbyn Lodge.

This 4-hour activity available from the beginning of September – end of March includes:

  • Grilled sausage and warm beverages by the campfire
  • Warm clothes available to rent

How to photograph the northern lights

So you’ve gone to Swedish Lapland, Sweden’s northernmost destination, to experience the magical northern lights...