Northern lights snowshoe walk

Northern lights snowshoe walk

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A northern lights snowshoe walk in Brändö.Photo: Graeme Richardson

Snow shoes have been used thousands of years in winter conditions and they really make life easier when the snow cover is thick.

Instead of sinking to the hips with every step taken, the snowshoes allow the user to tread on top and make otherwise unaccessible terrain explorable. Walking through the Brändö forests the experienced guide will talk about the surroundings and if conditions are right the Northern Lights may be spotted!

Underway there will be a pause during which the participants will learn how to light a fire in the snow, when this is ready coffee and tea will be prepared. On one tour option dinner will be prepared outdoors by the guide and enjoyed sitting on reindeer furs under the dark sky. This is as close to nature you can get.

This activity is available from the beginning of January – end of March. The tour operator provides the necessary equipment, such as snow shoes, boots, warm suit, hat, socks, warm gloves and fleece suit.


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