Ráidu – Encounter with reindeer

Ráidu – Encounter with reindeer

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Photo: Berit Jørgensen
Photo: David Evans
Photo: Johan Adermalm
Photo: Johan Adermalm

Join Nutti’s Sámi guide to the reindeer camp outside Jukkasjärvi.

Meet, greet and feed the reindeer herd that will regard and approach you with curiosity. Have a short reindeer sled drive around a circuit where you can compete with other drivers or just have a peaceful and quiet reindeer drive. You learn about the work as a reindeer herder and gain insight into the Sámi lifestyle, from nomadic history until today. The Sámi signature dish suovas will be prepared over open flames and eaten in a lávvu-tent with a hot drink around the fireside.


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