Salmon fishing in the Kalix river

Salmon fishing in the Kalix river

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Photo: Stuart Davies

Salmon fishing in Ängesån & Kalix Rivers.

Jockfall is known as the “salmon fisherman’s paradise”. The establishment is in an unbeatable location, right by the free flowing Kalix river and the waterfall Jockfall with its 9 meters drop.

The camp offers excellent opportunities to catch “the big one”. You will stay in 4-bed cabins with access to a sauna and showers, and with a restaurant and fishing store on site. Jockfall have everything to make sure your stay with will be unforgettable.

Salmontrippin’ in Swedish Lapland

A tanked-up car, robust rod holders and a few intensely driven salmon fishers as company is an excellent start if you’re going to do some severe salmontrippin’ in Swedish Lapland. This...

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