Sami Forest Safari by the Arctic Circle

Sami Forest Safari by the Arctic Circle

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A reindeer herd in Vuollerim.Photo: LaplandVuollerim
You will get the opportunity to taste the specialty "Suovas".Photo: LaplandVuollerim

Experience the beauty of the Swedish forest and forest Sámi culture.

Be part of the culture of the big forests where the two rivers meet. Experience the forest with local people and taste the specialty Suovas. This is for those who want to experience the beauty of the Swedish forest and forest Sámi culture with a local guide. Your journey will take you to a place where the Sámi delicacy “Suovas” is prepared over an open fire while locals share of their rich tradition of storytelling.

People have come together and lived here in Vuollerim for over 6000 years. The game-rich forests and fish-filled rivers have offered plenty of food. This and much more is the basis for the well-known “Vuollerim spirit” – warm and open people. Here you will meet not a tourist resort – you meet a village!

This activity is certified with Nature’s Best, the first national quality label for nature tours in Europe.


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