Segway Tour

Segway Tour

Try something new and fun!

Want to do something different and breathtaking fun?

Segway is like no other vehicle you tried! It only takes a few minutes to learn to operate a Segway, and you get the feeling that the machine is controlled by the power of thought. A Segway keeps the balance and it follows your movement pattern. When you tilt you forward it slides forward, and steering is done by pulling the handlebar in the direction you want. Juvenile easily. Childish fun.

For the small group

Here we glide forward at a gentle pace, all each with a Segway, to see our scenic area. The Segway makes its way through the woods and fields, up and down.  Driving a Segway is different and simple. It gives the feeling that you are floating down the forest trails. An unforgettable experience.

Segway relay

Here we offer a fast-paced relay race where you compete in teams. You have to deal with our different relay branches on time and accuracy. For example, we have five teams where each team has two Segway. The teams then compete in different exercises testing their balance and precision. People smile and strengthen team spirit. Can also be combined with other activities for the really big group.

This 1,5-hour all year activity includes:

  • Segway and helmet
  • 15 minutes training and an experienced guide


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