Skijoring behind a horse

Skijoring behind a horse

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Skiing behind a horse is suitable for all ages.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim
It’s up to you to decide level and speed.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim
What a fun way to spend your time!Photo: Lapland Vuollerim
A great winter activity for the whole family.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim

What a fun way to spend your time!

This is an adventure packed with action, performed outside in the snow, with skis on your feet behind a horse, partaken downhill – who could say no to that!

You will be picked up at the hotel, driven to the stable where you and the instructor groom and saddle up the horses for the speedy activity. You’ll find that when the horse gets going the competitor in you will awake. You may compete against the clock or against other participants; it’s up to you to decide both level and speed. If you prefer a lazy trip in deep snow that’s okay as well.


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