Snowmobile pack ice tour

Snowmobile pack ice tour

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Pack ice tour in Luleå.Photo: Fredrik Broman
Snowmobiling in the Luleå archipelago.Photo: Graeme Richardson

Four hours on the glistening ice and islands of the Luleå Archipelago on a snowmobile! Along the way the guide will tell you about the surroundings and about life in the northern wilderness.

This tour starts and finishes at your hotel in Luleå.  On the tour you will be guided to and from Brändön where the amazing pack ice snowmobile safaris commence. On the snowmobile tour the participants are offered hot beverages and a chance to try ice-fishing. The destination of the tour is the island Brändöskär in the outermost Archipelago, an idyllic fishing village dating from the 17th century. The chapel dated from 1774 and one of the fishing-huts will be visited. Outside the island is the frozen Bothnian bay with its seemingly endless fields of pack ice and snow. Some years the blue ice of the sea piles up into formations about 10 meters high – a mighty experience! The lunch for the day is cooked over an open fire.

This 4-5 hour activity available from the beginning of January – end of March includes:

  • Transfer from participant’s hotel in Luleå or Kulturens Hus and back
  • Snowmobile suit, boots, socks, warm gloves, fleece suit, hood for underneath the helmet and helmet
  • Lunch and hot beverages

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