Sport climbing

Sport climbing

Seasons to visit:


Sport climbing close to Storforsen.Photo: Thomas Öberg
There will be safety and climbing instructions before heading up.Photo: Pier Rynbäck
The mountain is called Dödlarsberget.Photo: Thomas Öberg
There's a spectacular view over the river valley from the top.Photo: Pier Rynbäck

A fun day of sport climbing at Dödlarsberget!

Transfer to Dödlarsberget close to Storforsen nature reserve. Well at the mountain you will be supplied with your harnesses and helmets. Safety and climbing instructions before you and your guide head up on the mountain. You will practice basic Mountain climbing class 2-6 with top rope and try on repel at the Dödlarsberget cliff. CreActive Adventure will adapt the experience to your level of skills climbing. After some hours of climbing and fun on the mountain you make a short visit at Storforsen. We serve lunch on the top of the mountain with a spectacular view over the river valley.

This 6-8 hour activity includes:

  • Guide and equipment
  • Lunch

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