Storytelling by the fire

Storytelling by the fire

Seasons to visit:

Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring

A campfire by the lake.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim

Listen to magical stories by the campfire.

In the stillness of the evening, listen to exciting stories of people from a country deep in tradition. An enthralling event for those of you who like something a little different set in a surprise location. Immerse yourself in the serenity and stillness; enjoying the company and light refreshments, listening and sharing exiting stories.

Vuollerim has a rich history, people have lived here for over 6000 years! The forest are full of game and the rivers with it’s fish-filled waters have offered plenty of food. This and much more is the basis for the well-known “Vuollerim spirit” – warm and open people.


Vuollerim – a small village with thousands of bright ideas

Picture this: A small, rural village above the Arctic Circle, all covered in snow, the sun hasn’t risen above the horizon for weeks, where every verge, driveway, doorway, parking lot, actually any...

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