The climate up north

Seasons to visit:

Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring

Photo: Andy Anderson

Swedish Lapland, this arctic gem in the north of Scandinavia, stretches from Skellefteå in the south to Kiruna in the north – an area larger than Austria. Situated above and below the Arctic Circle. Even though much is the same within the region, much varies. Like nature, accents, local traditions – and temperature.

In Swedish Lapland, there is a major contrast between summer and winter, with temperatures varying by as much as 70 degrees Celcius. The temperatures can shift quite a bit even in a season, depending on whether you’re visiting the coastal, forest or mountain area, that is if you’re in the far north or the far south. But either way, you’re still within a sub-arctic climate zone so thinking through your wardrobe before leaving is a good thing.

The summers in Swedish Lapland can offer both Mediterranean heat and frosty nights.

The summers up here are oh, so lovely. The midnight sun paints the surroundings with its golden ray of lights, making it bright all day and all night. One thing to keep in mind though is that sun doesn’t always mean warmth. The summers in Swedish Lapland can offer both Mediterranean heat and frosty nights. Where are you heading and what are your plans? Check the local weather forecasts before leaving to make sure you are prepared. Even though it’s sunny and warm, bring a sweater just in case. The weather can change quickly, especially in the mountain region. And one more thing; don’t forget to bring mosquito repellant if you plan to be in nature.

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