Upskiing the wind

Upskiing the wind

Photo: Bearfoot North

A whole new way to use your skis and a different ecological nature experience.

Embrace the elements of nature and sail with skis on the ice of the Baltic Sea in a smooth, safe and easy way by using the power of nature.

UpSki – Try it out – For those who want to try and learn the basics and have limited time. You always start with an introduction and acclimatization. You start your wind skiing directly from the citycenter and go out into the archipelago. UpSki is simple and secure within 10 minutes you will handle UpSki entirely by yourself. You regulate the speed according to your own ability and are able to slow down or stop easily when you feel like it. You have ground contact with the skis in the snow all the time.

Your guide will meet you at the starting point at the ice track at Norrstrand in central Piteå.
After two hours in the archipelago you will return to the starting point to end the day with some refreshments and a summary before you end the activity.

Welcome, the forest is yours!

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