Welcome home to Lapland

Welcome home to Lapland

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Ice fishing in Vuollerim.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim
Playing in the snow.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim
Mini skis.Photo: Lapland Vuollerim

This is the package for you who wants to experience the local culture.

You are invited to join the villagers for a house jumping dinner into their homes. Take part of storytelling from the forest Sámi people and genuine villagers. Try out riding the traditional “spark”, making Ice Lanterns and many other local activities. An opportunity to live an Arctic lifestyle one person at a time through local stories, experiences and adventures. Lapland Vuollerim have put together a custom package showcasing the best winter activities of the area.  Here you will be submerged in a winter of white and hearts of gold as the festive seasons come to the last great European wilderness-Swedish Lapland. Lapland Vuollerim provide an experience you’ll never forget by sharing this unexplored pearls in Swedish Lapland.


Vuollerim – a small village with thousands of bright ideas

Picture this: A small, rural village above the Arctic Circle, all covered in snow, the sun hasn’t risen above the horizon for weeks, where every verge, driveway, doorway, parking lot, actually any...

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