Snowshoe hike through the wilderness of Sarek and Padjelanta

Snowshoe hike through the wilderness of Sarek and Padjelanta

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This snowshoe hike is an Arctic winter dream

Experience a winter tour in Sweden, an Arctic winter dream in one of the most remote areas of Swedish Lapland.

The landscape in the Far North is of great beauty. A majestic seasons with pleasantly dry cold and all-powerful, soothing tranquility awaits you. The arctic night has its own light. The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that will put you in reverent awe.

On the day of arrival you will be picked up at the airport or railway station and we spend the first night in a cabin. The area where the winter tour Sweden takes place, was largely preserved in its original. There are, except a few simple mountain huts, no other tourist facilities. The exploration of these mountains is a real challenge. So far, few people have ventured here. You leave civilization behind you completely, immerse yourself in the solitude of the wilderness and experience the mighty mountain ranges and valleys of Lapland.

During the following trekking days you and your guide will discover alpine glaciers and rugged mountain peaks, frozen mighty rivers and silent valleys. The light and the air are pure and clear. To hike through this arctic region is an experience that you never will forget. The daily routes are between 10 and 20 km long. Everything you need, you and your guide carry on your pulka-sleds.

This activity includes:

  • Transfer from Luleå, Arvidsjaur or Älvsbyn to the tour areas and back
  • All overnight stays on tour
  • Guided trekking tour with english speaking guide
  • All food and beverages on the whole trip, except alcoholic drinks
  • Equipment: pulka sled, snowshoes, tent, sleeping bag, trekking mat, cooker and kitchen utensils, trekking poles

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