The season with the midnight light is around 100 days long. You play golf in the middle of the night, you take a swim when you feel like it and those who have never experienced the midnight light before wonder how they’ll ever manage to sleep. But then you make your mind up not to worry about sleep and decide it’s time for further adventures. Even more summer.

You can see the midnight sun in summer in nearly all of Swedish Lapland. Midnight sun means that you can see the centre of the sun when it’s local midnight. At midsummer, you can see the midnight sun south of the arctic circle as well because of the way the atmosphere refracts the light. But even if you can’t see the sun, you can see the light. Up here we have midnight light 100 days per year and the summer adventure from the Church Village in Lövånger to the Three-Country Cairn feels endless.

1. Music festivals

Summer is festival season and festival season is summer.They go hand in hand. Within the destination, Swedish Lapland festivals are organised everywhere throughout summer. Classics such as the Kiruna Festival and PDOL are combined with events like the Folk Music Festival in Saltoluokta and the Blues Party in Flakasand. A music festival with a pure magical backdrop is 800 MÖH (in English 800 meters above sea level). Set on the mountain Dundret, right above Gällivare, viewing midnight sun and Laponia and great music.

The Kiruna Festival takes place the weekend after Midsummer's eve when the sun never reaches the horizon.

2. Tee time in the night

According to Golf Digest, Boden GK:s course Sävast is ‘best in the north of Sweden’. The course has held this ranking since 2013. To play this course in the middle of night, in summer, certainly makes it feel that way.

3. Floating dreams

M/S Floataway in Liehittejä is your chance to experience the life of Walden, but with a bit more comfort. Liehittejä allegedly means seductive in old Finnish, by the way. It’s not difficult to understand why.

On M/S Floataway at Huuva Hideaway, overlooking Torne river. Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi.

4. Saddle up

Between the 3rd and 12th of July you can experience horseback riding in the midnight sunlight. Galgbackens Icelandic Horse Centre in Sakajärvi.

5. Over the horizon

The Bothnian Bay archipelago is every paddler’s dream. You can paddle 24/7 for one hundred days. This lone paddler outside Haparanda Sandskär salutes the idea.

Paddle all night long! Photo: Fredrik Broman

6. Night shift in the corral

Every spring the reindeer move back up to the mountains and home to the calving land. The calves are branded in the middle of summer, under the midnight light: a magical experience. Ask at the Tourist Office where the different Sámi herding cooperatives do their calf branding.

7. Off road

The beach Skvalpen in the Luleå archipelago is a wonderful place to go for a swim, and if you bring your fatbike that’s another adventure waiting for you. and provide boat taxis. In Luleå you can rent a bike at or

Midnight sun and white nights almost all summer.

8. Nightlife

I drink, therefore I am. No, we’re not going to glorify drinking culture – but it’s difficult to ignore the facts. During the last couple of years, lots of interesting microbreweries have appeared here in our region. Give your nightlife a tasty touch of local produce.

9. Where Eagles Dare

1999 Conny Lundström was awarded first prize in Wildlife Photographer of the Year with a close-up shot of a golden eagle. Since then he’s won a lot more prizes. But more importantly, he’s taken photo enthusiasts out in the forest, or out on one of his floating hide-outs. To come across an eagle is a bonus in summer, but ospreys are common. The osprey hasn’t changed in 56 million years, according to studies at Yale University. It means it hasn’t shared its genetic tree with anyone for a long time. The oldest bird in that sense is the South American oilbird. It hasn’t shared genes with other birds since dinosaurs walked the earth 73 million years ago.

10. A bird’s eye view

Live like a bird among the tree tops at Treehotel in Harads. There’s even a room called the Bird’s Nest. And the classic Mirror Cube nearly makes you invisible as the cube reflects its surroundings. Treehotel in Harads is the perfect retreat for a couple of days in the warmth of the midnight sun.

The Mirror Cube at Treehotel in Harads. Photo: Andy Anderson.

11. A lift to the sky

Aurora Sky Station is the best place in the world to experience the northern lights phenomenon, according to Lonely Planet. Partly because Abisko is in a rain shadow, making it less cloudy here than in other places. So it follows that it’s also the best place to experience the midnight sun. And while you’re at it, you can have a nice meal, too.

12. Luxury cruise

On Saturdays, in July you can go on a midnight cruise from Piteå to Luleå. The boat departs at 22:15 and arrives in Luleå at 02:00. Don’t worry about the midnight snack, it’s included in the price. Other evening cruises include the classic prawn cruises and the Wednesday cruise to Brändöskär.

13. Biting nights

There’s no way around it – fly fishing is best at night. A salmon fisher in Råstrand who has waited four days in a row, a grayling catcher by Juktån, or a mountain angler who all of a sudden sees how the large arctic charr start their biting frenzy.

Fly fishing is best at night. Photo: Håkan Stenlund.
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