Northern lights, not necessarily easy to photograph

Skellefteå – Arjeplog – Luleå

Want to see more, learn more and experience more during your stay? Then this could be your trip! Taste Skellefteå’s beer, go zip-lining, wake up to the stunning view from Silver Lodge up on Mountain Galtispuoda in Arjeplog and end your stay in Luleå – the capital of Swedish Lapland.

Kallholmen beer at Skellefteå Brewery. Photo: Ted Logart.

Day 1 – Skellefteå

Arrival at Skellefteå Airport, which is Sweden’s largest municipality-owned airport with about 300,000 passengers each year. After a short transfer, we will continue our trips along the salmon-rich Skellefteå River for a visit to our closest activity camp, Ytterholmen.

The stream will then takes us to our next stop. Is clean water the secret behind Sweden’s best beer? We will be trying Skellefteå Bryggeri (Skellefteå Brewery) to find out!

Skellefteå is internationally known for its FoU within industrial wooden house building, and the interest for Technical Visits keep increasing.

After dinner, it is time for check-in at the Scandic Hotel.

There's nothing like a meal prepared over the open fire after a day outdoor. Photo: Ted Logart

Day 2 – Skellefteå to Arjeplog

After an early breakfast, it’s time for some activities! Our first stop is in Varuträsk, about 15 minutes from the city centre. How about some zip-lining? Shortly after that, we’re off to Svansele Vildmarkscenter (Svansele Wilderness Centre), which is one of Swedish Lapland’s most extensive facilities for quad- and snowmobile safaris to wilderness camps. On quadricycles, we’re taking us out to one of the wilderness camps. Lunch, is, of course, prepared over the open fire and we’re finishing off with some ‘kokkaffe’ (boiled coffee) – also made over the open fire.

Shortly after lunch, we will continue our day with the transfer to Slagnäs and Båtsuoj Same-center. Here you will get to see timbered reindeer folds, timbered sheds and Sámi teepees. While learning about the Sámi culture and way of life from a forest Sámi family, you can watch the reindeer strolling the surroundings.

The transfer continues to Arjeplog. What kind of activities would you like to experience while here? Are you looking for adrenaline or perhaps a visit to Silvermuseet (the Silver Museum)? Let us know, and we’ll find a suitable option for your group!

We’ll end the day with dinner on a floating sauna before check-in at Silver Lodge, an exclusive 4-star hotel high up on mountain Galtispuoda with a stunning view over Hornavan – which is Sweden’s deepest lake.

Photo: Ted Logart.

Day 3 – Arjeplog to Luleå

The view from Silver Lodge upon Mountain Galtispuoda is genuinely stunning. After breakfast, we’re off for some dogsledding adventures and cosying with the cute huskies. Did you know there’s also possible to go dogsledding in the summer? They just trade the sledge for a cart on wheels.

Lunch is again prepared over the open fire and served outdoors. Full and filled with some new energy we’re heading back to Luleå, the capital in Swedish Lapland with its 76,000 inhabitants.

In Luleå, we’ll be staying at Clarion Hotel Sense. Did you know Luleå has 1,000 hotel rooms and most of them within a short walking distance from Luleå largest assembly building, Kulturens Hus? Kulturens Hus can host up to 1,000 people in their largest meeting hall.

Luleå has a great variety of activities all year around. Would you prefer some adrenaline or perhaps a visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site Gammelstad Churchtown? Let us know, and we will find a suitable activity for your group!

We’ll end the day with a nice dinner at one of Luleå’s many restaurants.

Silver Lodge lies on the mountain Galtispuoda, which offers a stunning view over Arjeplog and Lake Hornavan. Photo: Silver Resort.

Contact Frida Lundqvist at Swedish Lapland Visitors Board,

Read more about meetings and incentives in Swedish Lapland here.

Day 4 – Luleå

We will start off the day with some wisdom and knowledge. You will get a short historical introduction of Luleå as well as some thoughts and ideas of where the city is heading.

After that, you will get a taste of some of the city close activities that Luleå has to offer. The theme will be “where the river meets the ocean”, and you will experience different kinds of transportation when we are going from Luleå city to Camp Ebbenjarka, in nature. Here are a great variety of activities summer and winter. In the winter they plough the lake for ice-roads, and in the summer you have the grand nature just around the corner. It will be a day full of experiences!

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