In summer campsites and beaches in Boden fill up with sun-seeking holidaymakers, young and old. What is it that attracts so many people from near and far?

I’m browsing the summer brochure from Experience Boden and it strikes me what a pleasant summer town Boden is. It’s a fairly small town, so everything seems to be so nearby: shopping, nature and adventure. For example Boden’s Camping & Bad beside scenic Lake Bodträsket; it’s just a stone’s throw from the city centre. And several beaches are only a short bike ride away.

– Yes, that’s precisely what makes Boden such a summer gem! That’s why families love to come camping here: it’s so simple – everything is within walking distance and the weather is usually great, says Malin at the Tourist Office in Boden (which also publishes the summer brochure).

At Boden camping there is plenty of space.

Plenty of room

Bodens Camping & Bad is one of Sweden’s largest urban campsites. This means that if you head to the right, you’ll end up in the middle of the shopping area with cafés and restaurants. If you walk in the opposite direction you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the lake. The campsite with its popular outdoor pool is roughly in between. Easy peasy.

There’s plenty of room here. In addition to tent pitches and cabins for large and small families, there are 500 caravan pitches and all the facilities you could possibly want. It does sound good to be able to lounge in front of the TV inside the camper van in the evening, after a sauna and after throwing swimming trunks in the washing machine, doesn’t it?

You can also easily source newly-baked bread for breakfast. And then there’s what people really look forward to the community feeling. There are many repeat guests; the place is buzzing with the meeting of old summer neighbours, much-anticipated reunions and new holiday memories being made. And, of course, there’s the children’s favourite: the outdoor pool. It’s being equipped with new slides for this summer.

– Exactly: it’s the outdoor pool that attracts most of the little visitors. And Gunnard’s kids’ club, of course, Malin tells us. They go on excursions, play in the playgrounds, play adventure golf, football – everything that children like do in summer. And eat ice-cream, of course!

Be a part of the western show at Western Farm! Photo: Marcel Köppe.

A trip to the Wild West

A couple of kilometres outside the main centre there’s entertainment from a different era. More specifically from 1879. This is Shadow Creek, a Wild West town where you can experience a time when the struggle between good and evil was settled by a duel. Visitors take part as the dreaded villain Scarface arrives and turns life upside down for the inhabitants in a fast-paced show. Here you can feel and experience life in the Wild West, visit the restaurant, the forge and the Indian village, or jump in the hay and greet the animals on the farm. The brochure promises both horse and Wild West shows every day.

– The amusement park at Western Farm is highly rated by young and old. It’s a real adventure for the whole family, Malin tells us. They don’t hold back during the show – it really is the Wild West, all the way down to the boot spurs!
– Can you spend the night there too?
– Sure thing, partner! There’s a holiday village adjacent to the theme park as well as a pool and sauna facility. There’s a barbeque spot where you can grill sausages or borrow a croquet set if you want to take it easy and spend time together in the evenings. They also tailor activities for larger groups, such as conferences or other events.

Aldersjön is just a bike ride away. Photo: Petra Isaksson.

Nice beaches

– You work in the tourist office and you’re born and raised in Boden, what else would you recommend to visitors? Do you have any favourite spots to suggest?
– Visit Nordpoolen, the water park. Perfect if the weather isn’t great, for example. Which of course never happens! Malin laughs. But other than that I’d definitely recommend all the nice beaches. The outdoor pool at the campsite I’ve already mentioned, but there’s also Aldersjön within biking distance, and Vitträsket in Sörbyn. There’s also a really nice restaurant there called Kallkällan, right next to the beach. Something that shouldn’t be missed. And if you have very young children I’d go to Vändträsk, a shallow lake where they can splash around safely.

Learn more
If you want more information about Boden and summer events you can read the brochure on-line. Or contact the Tourist Office at

I thank Malin for the ideas and we finish our conversation. I pick up my well-thumbed copy of the summer brochure to read about the exciting art exhibition in Havremagasinet, a memory from the time when Boden was a real garrison town. There are several interesting museums and exhibitions in town this summer for those interested in military history. I also realise I forgot to ask about Treehotel, the now-famous hotel rooms up among the treetops in Harads. Oh well. I’ll do it next time, or rather: when I go to Boden.

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