Kayaking on a mirror-like river under the midnight sun, speedy white-water rafting, exciting beaver safaris, grand skiing and sport fishing expeditions are a few examples of activities offered by CreActive Adventure. Behind the company are the couple, Love and Tatiana Rynbäck – it is their life, they run the company with heart and soul.

The year was 1995. True Laplander, Love Rynbäck, then a young, yet already experienced mountain guide in Tjuonajokk in northernmost Sweden, was expecting yet another trainee. In the midst of the hectic tourist season, mildly stressed out, he was waiting at the airport, with a feeling that he had neither the time for nor the wish to take on another trainee. The trainee who got off the plane turned out to be a sharp young woman, also a jungle guide, from Ecuador.

Two worlds met and it was the beginning of a long love story, in a double sense. Tatiana fell, both for Love and for Swedish Lapland. And when Love went with the love of his life to meet her family in Ecuador, he soon realised that if he was to bring their daughter back to Sweden again, they would have to marry. In the years that have passed since, they have built their joint company, CreActive Adventure, with a true love for the region, love of what they do, of their guests and of each other.

The dream team

Together, they make a real dream team. He: the native, knowledgeable about forests, mountains, nature and adventurous activities. She: a language genius, with experience and natural empathy with all types of people and nationalities, outgoing, and like Love, knowledgeable about the tourist industry and the Arctic part of Sweden, with an ability to see what’s unique about this place and to convey Swedish culture to people from other countries.

– For me, it is still exciting to experience everything around here and I understand our foreign guests’ fascination with, for example, standing on frozen water, drilling a hole in the ice and fishing. And with the silence, says Tatiana, who can also explain why Swedes do what they do, the traditions and idiosyncrasies of the country, from an entertaining outside perspective. CreActive also serves their guests a tasty selection of fusion cuisine, where the best of many worlds meet around the campfire.

Safety and professionalism

CreActive are based in the village of Överstbyn in the Råne River Valley, but they work all over Swedish Lapland. Their activities run through the entire year, throughout the archipelago, the inland rivers, the forestland, the mountains, encompassing nature, culture, adventure and tranquillity. Their company is a way of life. They do everything by themselves but they also cooperate with other, carefully selected, professional guides. A hallmark of CreActive is their great care for safety and compliance with regulations – and this, in combination with their wide selection of services, has made them attractive to the international market and major, established travel agencies.

– We are a serious company, focusing on safety in our events, which we ensure by only using experienced, licensed guides and having full liability insurance for all our activities. Our fundamental idea is to be a mobile activity business, providing a range of activities for other companies, explains Love.

Learn more

CreActive Adventure is an adventure company based in Luleå but offering activities all over Swedish Lapland. Year around they offer activities and experiences for groups from 2–300 persons. Read more at creactive-adventure.se.

It’s about the guests

Over the years that have passed since they began, CreActive have navigated their way through a number of global events that have, directly and indirectly, affected the tourist industry.
– Brexit, terrorism, exchange rate fluctuations, financial crises and rules for representation are examples of things that affect us in the tourist industry. You have to stay ahead of the game, anticipate change and adapt, says Love.

One of CreActive’s specialties is the ability to scale events, from small private affairs to huge events with hundreds of participants.
– We’ve got clothes, shoes, boats, bicycles, skis…but more than anything else we try to convey our way of life, explains Love.

Tatiana describes how she, still, after 20 years in the business, is excited to meet guests from all over the world, from all walks of life.
– They get to take experiences and emotions back home. How the coffee tasted by the fire, how their cheeks became rosy in the cold, how that one particular reindeer pelt felt. True products, true emotions, plain and simple.

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