Forest trails and little beaches by the river. First Camp in Luleå is a special campsite. An urban oasis in a scenic setting with long, bright nights.

– What makes us special is the surrounding countryside combined with a great range of facilities and being close to the Storheden shopping area and the centre of Luleå. You really get the best of both worlds, says Carla Peruzzaro, regional manager at First Camp.

Nature is always near

The campsite is divided into smaller areas. Nature is always near. The forest trails nearby are perfect for walking as well as trail running and off-road biking. There are traces of overgrown ruins at a protected site, the old ironworks, that raise the children’s imagination.

There’s also a playhouse with supervised activities, such as wizardry and talent shows, competitions and fairytale hikes. There’s a volleyball court, a football field and an outdoor gym.

Choose a beach that suits you

The cosy and somewhat peculiar beaches at Niporna are nearby. There’s an old stone jetty jutting out into the water from a cape, beautifully framed by the beach. Here you can spend some time by yourself. At the campsite, there’s also an outdoor pool with a wave machine. If you get hungry there’s a grill serving hamburgers and Thai food.

Tasty food and drinks

Kajen Bar & Bistro, the campsite restaurant, serves tasty food and drinks to the sound of good music. On the menu are grilled hamburgers, pizzas with a little bit of extra love, fresh salads and a grill buffet on sunny days. In the bar, you’ll find local beers, fine wines and cocktails.

At the campsite, there’s also the idyllic Kolarens Café run by popular Bensbyns bread shop and bakery. Prepare yourself for the aroma of artisan cinnamon buns and stone oven baked sourdough bread. The café also serves beer and wine.

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– We have become a homely campsite over the years, popular with those who want to get away, relax and spend time with family and friends, says Carla Peruzzaro.

Welcome to First Camp in Luleå. A scenic oasis near the city with bright, long nights by the river.

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