The breathtaking low mountain landscapes in Arvidsjaur are easily accessible. Most of the mountains are found within the Vittjåkk-Akkanålke nature reserve for old-growth mountain forest, but there are others, too.

There’s a hike – the Akkanålke Trail – that runs through the reserve for old-growth mountain forest and up onto the mountains. You can get on and off the trail at several different locations, but Vittjåkk and the village Storberget are suitable starting points.

Stay overnight

The Akkanålke Trail takes you through almost the entire range of habitats in Northern Sweden, with ancient forests, vast marshes and low mountains that reach above the tree line. The only thing missing is the high alpine environment, of course. If you’re planning to hike the entire route you need several days. There are barbeque sites and shelters along the way, but bringing a tent is recommended for overnight stays.

Nature and wildlife

Vittjåkk-Akkanålke old-growth mountain forest is a low mountain area surrounded by vast forests, a cultural landscape in itself, including reindeer herding among other things. Here you can find alpine plants such as alpine azalea, pincushion plant and mountain bearberry, and mountain birds like golden plover and willow grouse. Obviously, elk and reindeer are part of nature here.

Miles of view

From the peaks of Akkanålke, Vittjåkk and Guorbbabouvda the view goes on for miles. All these peaks are located within the nature reserve. Geologically the low mountains don’t belong to our mountain range, but there are peaks in the reserve that reach over 700 metres above sea level. The coniferous forest climbs up the mountains and shapes a tree line that lacks the mountain birch border common in Swedish mountains. The oldest fir forest contains endangered species that thrive in old forests with dead wood.

The peaks feature a proper mountain atmosphere with typical mosses, lichens and brush moors. The view is spectacular, in all directions.

Hiking in Arvidsjaur

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Apart from the pretty Akkanålke Trail that provides enjoyment for days, there’s also the peculiar mountain Jan-Svensamössan (Jan Svensa’s Hat), clearly visible from the Inland Line railway and the Inland Road. Jan-Svensamössan can be seen from afar.

The story goes that it’s named after a settler who forgot his sheepskin hat on top of it one Midsummer’s Eve. The mountain is located near Avaviken, at the southernmost part of Lake Storavan between Arvidsjaur and Slagnäs.

The Sámi name for the elevation is Suddale, which means ‘free from ice early’ or ‘thawed’.

The view is breathtaking from this bare peak as well. Below lie miles of forests, lakes and marshes. The highest part of it is clad in classic alpine plants such as mountain bearberry and alpine azalea. The area is an easily accessible nature reserve a few kilometres from route E45; a beautiful day tour.

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