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Laponia Triathlon 67°N is a full-distance triathlon above the Arctic Circle. Participants from around the world gather in Gällivare to swim, bike and run under the midnight sun.

The race begins with the participants swimming 3.860 m, after that they get on the bike for 180 km and it ends with running for 42 km. It sure sounds like a challenge.

The race organisers have experience from participating in over thirty full-distance triathlons, swim-run races and numerous other endurance races. They have also been involved in the organisation behind World Cup cross-country skiing events in Gällivare.

– Through this experience, we have learned much and come up with new ideas that we bring with us into the Laponia Triathlon.

Is doing a full-distance triathlon as hard as it sounds?

Doing a full-distance triathlon is always hard but as with all endurance racing, it depends on how hard you push yourself in relation to your own abilities. If you go all-in and really push yourself, all full-distance triathlons will take a lot out of your body. But if you pace yourself and race with your head it can still be an awesome experience. Still, there will most likely be some suffering involved during the latter part of the race, but that is really part of the essence of this sport and just makes crossing the finish line an even greater experience.

What are air and water temperatures during the race?

On the bike, temperatures may typically be around 10 degrees Celsius. This means that you will most likely need some more clothes than just your tri race suit. Morning and daytime temperatures will rise but since the race takes place in the mountains you have to be prepared also for cold temperatures.

Water temperatures can vary a lot up here in northern Sweden. Depending on how fast the winter snow is melting from the surrounding mountains, it can take several weeks longer than normal for the lakes to become reasonable warm. Lake Vassara is however not very deep so it warms quickly and water temperature on race day will probably be about 16-18 degrees Celsius.

Learn more

Laponia Triathlon 67°N is organized by Gällivare Endurance Club. To learn more about the race go to

What wildlife do you need to be aware of?

Most likely you will see reindeer on the bike leg. They typically run along the road for a while and can be quite unpredictable in their choice of direction and movement. If you see a reindeer on the road ahead or next to the road, slow down and pay attention while passing slowly. Bears and moose are also frequent and passing a moose require about the same caution as with the reindeer. Encounters with bears are very uncommon but if you are lucky enough to see one, let´s hope it is at a comfortable distance…

Will you see the midnight sun?

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the local summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle. At the time of Laponia Triathlon in Gällivare, the sun is visible for the full 24 hours, given clear weather of course.

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