In the springtime, the water level in the forestland rivers of Swedish Lapland is perfect for white water rafting. The mountain area rivers follow a few weeks later. Experience a wet and adrenaline-filled adventure that will make you laugh and scream.

A rafting run down an unregulated river is the source of a wealth of experiences. Magnificent nature, calm waters, tranquillity, wild rapids, adrenalin rushes, excitement, controlled fear, a lunch break by a campfire and much laughter. You can combine dining, fishing or meetings with supplementary programmes with a white water rafting trip.

The rushing white water can be safely experienced using a special rubber raft. Participants are carefully fitted out and the rubber raft is handled by an experienced guide. White water rafting adventures are arranged by a number of adventures guides and vendors in Swedish Lapland.

Here are some examples.


Kukkolaforsen can boast with one the best locations for those who wish to experience the Torne River rapids at close hand. Located right next to the river, they have many years of experience in arranging rafting adventures as well as catching and preparing delicious, and traditional, whitefish gourmet meals. Afterwards, you can wash away the adrenaline rush in one of their many saunas.


In summer the hotel itself has melted but the storage unit, or Production Hall, holds thousands of tonnes of Torne River ice, a cool sight indeed. Located next to the Torne River, during summer they offer a variety of means of experiencing the river. In frozen format, by river rafting and canoeing. Actually, before there was ICEHOTEL, there was an outdoor company well-known for their white water rafting adventures.

CreActive Adventure

The guides at CreActive offers rafting adventures for the truly committed. Experience the rapids on Kalix, Råne or Pite River, all located in Swedish Lapland. They promise a really wet, fun experience with loads of adventure and adrenaline surges. Some are physically demanding so yes, this is only for sports buffs and other wilderness enthusiasts.

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