What better way to take a break from your everyday life than to meditate and perfect your Tree Stand, than on a buckskin, on frozen waters in Swedish Lapland?

It’s no secret that being in nature alone does something with us. When out in nature we tend to forget about the everyday must-dos, and we find it easier to focus. Focus on what matters.

This is what Rebecca Björk at Active North wishes to convey to everyone that takes part in her Arctic Yoga experience.

– Performing yoga improves your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, relaxes your system, helps you sleep better and helps you focus, just to mention a few, she says.

Fresh air and plenty of health benefits

Besides from getting plenty of fresh air, exercising out in the cold benefits your workout. Did you know that the cold makes your heart work harder to distribute blood throughout your body? Or that working out in the cold makes your body build up a tolerance for the freezing elements? It’s true! And you’ll also get a dose of vitamin D which will help your body fight both diseases and mood changes.

It’s a journey

Steve Robertshaw is no yogi but his first time trying it out, he did Yoga on Ice.

– Rebecca, our instructor and guide beautifully took us on a journey through each outdoor yoga session, giving us time to draw away from our daily grind, awakening all our senses to our place in nature on the ice before moving through our yoga routines, says Steve.

Steve describes the mix of indoor and outdoor sessions to be ideal for beginners as well as to yogis with more experience.

– We´re not talking eight hours of strenuous yoga each day designed to push your gymnastic limits. This is about purity, freshness, an awakening of soul and mind, a re-grounding, a personal re-set or reboot expertly created by combining yoga with the unspoilt natural environment of Swedish Lapland.

Learn more
Discover the relationship between your mind, body and soul with the movements of nature as you focus on your well being. Go to activenorth.se to learn more about Arctic Winter Yoga.

A unique moment

Located deep within the Arctic Circle near Jokkmokk this snow and ice yoga retreat takes place at the Aurora Safari Camp – a pop-up camp consisting of traditional Sami tent tipis, and located in the wilderness on a frozen lake.

Discover the relationship between your mind, body and soul with the movements of nature while focusing on your wellbeing. Time to meet your inner self, absorbing the amazing sounds of nature and above all – the silence.

– Arctic yoga on the frozen rivers and lakes of Swedish Lapland was for me one of life’s unique moments when everything came together perfectly, says Steve.

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