Discover the fun in dog sledding

Some parts of Swedish Lapland have more sled dogs than inhabitants. Dog sledding is a popular winter activity and crossing roadless territory, sometimes the only way of transportation. Either way, it's great fun crossing frozen lakes, snow-covered forests or mountains with our four-legged friends. And they do love to run!

The Call of the Wild

Dog sledding through vast expanses of white is in many ways synonymous with a winter adventure in Swedish Lapland. Håkan Stenlund took a tour with the company Erlebnis Wildnis in the Vindelfjällen...

  • An arctic journey within oneself

    A group (kind) of ordinary people embarked on a 300 km journey over the Arctic tundra on dog sleds and we set out to meet them by the finish line. Just to find out – How was it? We are standing by the...

    Maria Sirviö
  • Dogsledding is a family passion

    As the warm and personable owners of Svedjekojan, Caisa and Ulf and their 65 beautiful and enthusiastic sled dogs are your guides to fulfilling this snowy adventure that is on so many bucket lists. Th...

    Georgia Makitalo
  • 44

    Explore the north

    We are 150 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle with Sara and Johan at Explore the North in Kangos, Pajala. Here, under the Arctic sky and deep in the wilderness, Sara and Johan have made a life for ...

    Christi Sindsen
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