A strange land

Swedish Lapland is somewhat of a strange land. Located way up north in Scandinavia, the locals live the good life under a summer sun that never sets and in the company of vivid northern lights; cherishing the freedom to roam and eight apparent seasons at the fringe of the Arctic Circle.

VIDEO: Strangers in a strange land

Petter has been living in Swedish Lapland all his life. But how does a person who moved from the big cities in Holland look upon this place – way up in northern Scandinavia? Petter sits down and h...

  • Spotted love for trout

    – Five thousand characters? About trout? How’s that going to work? – Ok… I thought that someone with nothing but fly fishing on his mind would be able to do it. What about four thousand, then? – No, n...

    Johan Jonsson
  • The Brewing Coast

    One brewer used to build cars for NASCAR, another is a trained social worker and a third is a business developer at the University of Luleå. Beer interest is growing and in Swedish Lapland there are m...

    Håkan Stenlund
  • Archipelago Days

    What happens when a father and son decide to spend a couple of days in the Gulf of Bothnia archipelago? Well, first you have to promise that there will be mobile phone coverage and then keep your fing...

    Håkan Stenlund
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