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Gastronomic cooking at Sörbyn

Gastronomic Cooking at Sörbyn Lodge

A nervously excited group is greeted in the lobby at Sörbyn Lodge. We’re about to cook. Not just any kind of food either, real gastronomic gems. We will be doing it ourselves, coached by the restauran...



Experience the culture of the Forest Sami

When going to visit Årstidsfolket, a destination offering Sami experiences, you will travel along winding roads through miles and miles of forest. Here, you will cross the line between past and presen...


Bear spotting in the land of the midnight sun

The mist swathes its thin veil, soon to be dissolved by sunlight, around the towering pines in the Swedish Lapland summer night. We are waiting for the bears, inside a warm, safe and mosquito-free hid...