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A cookie is a small text file with a unique stamp sent by the website to your web browser. All websites send cookies to your browser if you allow it. A website cannot read a cookie saved by another website. They are also browser-specific so that one web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) cannot read cookies stored in another web browser (e.g. Google Chrome).


Sometimes we run campaigns through social media and Google Adwords, also known as Remarketing campaigns, to promote our destination and tourism companies operating within the destination. A cookie from the website is then stored in your browser, meaning, for example Google, can show you ads they think you might be interested in, for example, our ads, in their Display Network. The information cannot be traced back to individual users. You can choose not to see these adverts when you use Google products, such as YouTube and their search engine. More information here on how to set your ad preferences. This only applies when you are logged in to your Google account, but when you are logged out you can add a plug-in that saves your choice to opt-out on customised ads.

Your rights

Visitors to swedishlapland.com can feel safe in the knowledge that we do not gather any information that can be traced back to individuals.

If you would like to know about how Swedish Lapland Visitors Board treat personal data, please read the privacy policy here.

If you have an article at swedishlapland.com that you no longer wish to be published, you can contact webmaster(a)swedishlapland.com to have it removed. The same applies to those who no longer want to have their picture or text published, or if you feature on a photo, you would prefer us to stop using.

Other questions

If you have any questions about the above or anything on the website or want to report a broken link or outdated content, please get in touch with webmaster(a)swedishlapland.com.