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Flying to Swedish Lapland is easy peasy. Here are all airports within or close by our destination. And the airlines that will take you here.

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The main airports in Swedish Lapland are Luleå and Kiruna Airport, both SAS and Norwegian fly there with great connections to international flights.

There are also smaller airports that connect destinations with each other. For instance, you can take a flight from Stockholm to Gällivare and Arvidsjaur or a plane from Luleå to Tromsø in Norway and Oulu in Finland.

Airports in northern Finland are also just a bus ride from Torne River valley in Swedish Lapland, as well as from Norway. See map for airports from the entire European Arctic region.

You can also get a direct flight from Heathrow to Kiruna with Discover the World or a flight from Germany with FlyCar and Pro Sky.


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