Getting here

The journey begins here.

How are you traveling to Swedish Lapland?

And so the journey begins

A wise man once said, “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles”. And we couldn’t agree more.

Swedish Lapland is a remote destination. It’s a vast destination. You can fly here within a couple of hours or take the overnight train from Stockholm. You could spend hours, days even, hopping from bus to bus to reach those spots where no planes or trains go. Or get in a car and travel at your own pace.

Either way, we firmly believe that on your journey in Swedish Lapland, you’ll meet people that are more than willing to share their stories with you about their everyday life in the Arctic. People that you will refer to as friends when returning home.


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The towns

Swedish Lapland is not entirely about the great wide open. You can rest sure that the towns of Swedish Lapland are modern and vibrant, offering great services and beautiful city vibes.

The towns

Swedish Lapland – Your Arctic Destination

There is this old saying: "At the end of the road, the adventure begins". On the outskirts of the ordinary, different tales will be told. Our lifestyle belongs to the place and people of the Arctic. Our story starts and continues at the end of the road.

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    Architectural dreams

    There is this one hotel room that looks like a bird's nest, and another resembles a UFO. Then there is the hotel where a ruin from an old train workshop runs straight through the kitchen, and the wine cellar is an old grease pit. There is also the hotel in the middle of town that cleans the air to the same extent an entire forest would. We travel between excellent accommodation options in Swedish Lapland.

    Håkan Stenlund
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    The woods

    A breath of fresh air never hurts. That has always been our roundabout way of trying to explain what it is that makes nature good for us human beings. But the results of more and more research in recent years have shown just how beneficial spending time in the great outdoors is for human health and wellbeing. Science confirms a piece of time-honoured folk wisdom. It’s time for a walk in the woods.

    Håkan Stenlund
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    In sauna veritas

    Sauna, or bastu in Swedish, is something as natural to people in the north as the midnight sun and the northern lights. It used to be something of a prerequisite for life in the Arctic, and now it is a rich part of the culture itself. Sauna is the essence of life up here.

    Håkan Stenlund