Take your next meeting to the Arctic. Choose between fell, forest and coast, city and countryside. No matter the choice, there's plenty of room for big ideas.


Here you’ll find everything from small-scale, intimate lodges for that board meeting to urban design hotels for big inspiring conventions. Boost your ROI on experiences in the clean air that helps clear thinking. Taste local food sourced from nature and try activities suitable for team building and incentives – sustainable for both the environment and local communities.

Welcome to Swedish Lapland year-round – colourful autumn days, white winters with dancing auroras, bright spring-winter days and the midnight sun of summer. Are you ready for an Arctic event that makes your jaw drop?


Team up for a flying start in Swedish Lapland. We have loads of room for you and your ideas.

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With only ten minutes to the best-connected airport in Swedish Lapland and a compact city centre all surrounded by water, everything is close in Luleå.

In the city centre, the choice of meeting venues is plentiful and the largest city centre venue can handle up to 1,000 pax in theatre seating, just footsteps away from the hotels. Adventure is never far away in this arctic city with archipelago, rivers and vast forestland just around the corner. Experience our seasonal contrasts from snow, cold temperatures and a frozen sea in winter, to sunshine, warmth and midnight sunlight in summer. 



Skellefteå is a location for year-round mice travel with venues, accommodation, activities and unique experiences suiting smaller to mid-size meetings, incentives and launch events. Our mission is sharing our Arctic lifestyle, experiencing cultural diversity and history in a safe way, embodying the feeling of reserved space where overcrowding does not exist.

Our new upcoming landmark, the world’s highest hotel & meeting facility built in wood – with a zero-carbon footprint, and a new fleet of electric snowmobiles are a few examples from a location with partners investing in sustainable alternatives.



In the eastern part of Swedish Lapland, you’ll find Piteå, a lovely, small coastal town that attracts visitors from all over the world. Yes, there is something special about the spirit of the region, and it’s easy to feel welcome in Piteå, not least because of the warmth of the easy-going and hospitable locals. In terms of transportations, Luleå Airport is only 45 minutes away and Skellefteå Airport is about 1 hour away.

As a MICE destination, in Piteå, you may choose from a wide range of accommodation, activities and event spaces in the area, with options for all group sizes.



Situated at the Arctic Circle, Arjeplog Municipality is one of Sweden’s largest, however, the population is a sparse 2,900. Arjeplog is the winter testing capital of the world for vehicles and components. Arjeplog has 30 years of experience of hosting international guests, press events, product launches. We have six hotels with small and mid-size conference facilities and a large variety of venue locations. Ice driving schools, ice buggy, snowmobile, moose safari, Sámi storytelling, helicopter sightseeing, glacier experience and more.



Kiruna is Sweden’s northernmost city, 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. A city in transformation, attracting attention around the world. With nature as a venue, breathtaking landscapes set the scene for unique experiences and memorable meetings.

In the new city centre, a meeting capacity for more than 1 400 pax enables you to bring larger groups to a more traditional setting. Tailor-made events with exhilarating outdoor activities and learning elements in combination will transform the group.



Arvidsjaur is a lively inland metropole in the southern part of Swedish Lapland. With the wide range of pristine nature, large forests, mountains and lakes, there are new things to discover around each corner.

The modern meeting facilities allow seating up to 400 pax. Furthermore, Arvidsjaur offers 740 hotel beds in four different locations in the city centre. Thanks to the car testing industry that take place here, Arvidsjaur has not only gained an international airport with direct connections from several German cities in the wintertime but also long experience of hosting international guests.



You can fly here within a couple of hours or take the overnight train from Stockholm.

Swedish Lapland MICE webinars

In 2021, we teamed up with Miceboard for the production of destination reports. Information and inspiration for event planners for future event and incentive planning. Virtual site inspection with lots of insider info and tips.

Lean back, enjoy and learn more about what Swedish Lapland MICE Destinations has to offer your clients:



The Travel Trade Portal gives you the possibility to create your own travel manuals to share with your clients and colleagues. In the portal you will find information about destinations, companies and products including prices, in Swedish Lapland. To the Travel Trade Portal.


Swedish Lapland is Sweden's Arctic destination, a location trademark for Sweden's northernmost municipalities and a destination that borders both Finland and Norway.

A Sub-Arctic and Arctic climate has, of course, affected area and nature. But also people’s way of life. Midnight sun in summer, northern lights in winter. It’s got everything: from high mountains to the Bay of Bothnia, the mystery of the woodland and large bodies of water, including the four national rivers.

Internationally Lapland is used as a term for all of Northern Scandinavia, an old name for Sápmi – the traditional area of the Sámi indigenous people – divided between Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia. The Sámi have lived here for thousands of years, long before current national borders. This is still Sápmi to them, and within Swedish Lapland, we offer experiences that give a greater understanding of Sámi culture. Swedish Lapland also contains world sensations and unique experiences. Both Icehotel and Treehotel are iconic accommodation options. Midnight light in summer allows for a visit to the green, fishing, swimming, biking or walking in the middle of the night. In winter, Abisko is considered one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights.

So: even if Swedish Lapland is a location trademark and even if some parts of Swedish Lapland are outside the geographical province Lappland, you’re always welcome to share our Arctic everyday life.

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