We keep honestly prepared food from local produce close to heart. That comes quite naturally since nature’s pureness, and lots of great ingredients surround us. Taste all the goodness of nature that has over centuries adapted to life in our arctic environment.

The good in life
  • A bit more njálgge

    The Sámi word njálgge means tasty, as in a bit more of a party. In Jokkmokk, in the hands of food artist Eva Gunnare and reindeer herder Helena Länta, Njálgge is also a food adventure encompassing at least 20 dishes and eight seasons.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • A road trip for the hungry

    A road trip is simply a way of discovering things you've never seen before. If you give yourself the chance, you might also come across flavours you've never experienced before.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • The food story

    Eating well is part of every journey. Well, it could be the whole reason for the trip. This is the food story.

    Håkan Stenlund


The wonderful caviar, Kalix Löjrom, from the world's smallest salmonid,
is often served at the best restaurants in Swedish Lapland.
And this is how it's done - from beginning to end.

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At the age of 19, Johan Eriksson moved to Copenhagen to work at Noma. Ten years later, after he'd also worked at two-star Michelin restaurant Oaxen in Stockholm as head chef, he moved back home to his beloved Piteå. Just to be able to go fishing.


Our "allemansrätt” – call it the freedom to roam – give us the possibility to forage out of nature. This is the edible as well as the drinkable country.

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In Swedish Lapland, we keep honestly prepared food from local produce close to heart. That comes quite naturally to us since we are surrounded by nature’s pureness and lots of great ingredients. Read story


We like to think of our food and staples as pure, local, and arctic. We think that’s good, probably the best.

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In the making
  • Outdoor fika

    That Swedes have their fika (coffee and a snack), and that they drink lots of coffee, are well-known facts. But what's the thing about having it outdoors? What's the deal with coffee boiled over an open fire?

    Maria Sirviö
  • The gold of the Bothnian Bay

    Kalix Löjrom, Kalix vendace roe, became Sweden's first food product to receive a protected designation of origin ten years ago. We tag along on a vendace roe safari to learn how this delicacy becomes one of the best dining experiences Swedish restaurants have to offer. We also get the opportunity to make our own roe. But first: a visit to the pub.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • The food creator

    She moved from Stockholm to Swedish Lapland in her twenties to work at a mountain station and had her first life-changing experience. Several years later she had the next one as she found her calling as an ambassador for the taste of Swedish Lapland. Meet Eva Gunnare – food creator and curious explorer of nature.

    Therese Sidevärn


The fall is such an intense time. We had the chance to hang out with Eva Gunnare for a day. Picking and eating, foraging and talking about some of our most common berries. For the last 30 years, Eva has come to know the forest, the plants and the berries. And learned why, up north, the berries and the plants are known as super berries.

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The taste
  • Sápmi slow food

    As far away as you can get from industrial foods, you'll find Sámi food traditions. Nothing goes to waste. Everything has its own unique flavour. Meet Ingrid Pilto, a Sámi food creator.

    Maria Broberg
  • Some of the best cheeses in Sweden

    On the slope leading down to the lake, 37 cows are grazing. Some are drinking water on the shore. The grass is green and if you are standing out in the yard, the view of Lake Storkågeträsket is second to none. No, the rural romanticism cannot be ignored. Then again, this is where the life of one of Sweden’s most well-renowned cheeses begins.

    Ted Logart
  • The way we eat

    When in Swedish Lapland, exploring the nature of the Arctic, chasing the northern lights or just soaking up the sun 24/7, make sure you don’t miss out on the food. Some of the food we eat might sound a bit strange, but we highly recommend you try and get a taste of Swedish Lapland.

    Håkan Stenlund


At Kukkolaforsen Turist & Konferens, by the might Torne river in Swedish Lapland, you can find what's got to be some of the freshest whitefish of the entire planet – and they are quite spectacular.


Markus Lemke lets us in on their secret message and the mission that he and his colleagues have been assigned: to bless the world with dark roasted “kokkaffe”. This is his story.

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Also read
  • The midnight light

    If it's your first time visiting Swedish Lapland during the summer, you'll notice that it never gets dark. You have entered the world of the midnight sun, and if you're not used to it, it's an extraordinary experience. But beware, it might affect your sleep quality.

    David Björkén
  • World’s best place for northern lights

    Abisko National Park, in Swedish Lapland, offers some of the best conditions in the world for northern lights watching. The unique climate of the area keep the skies almost clear, and the light pollution is next to nothing. And here, you also find the Aurora Sky Station.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • The woods

    A breath of fresh air never hurts. That has always been our roundabout way of trying to explain what it is that makes nature good for us human beings. But the results of more and more research in recent years have shown just how beneficial spending time in the great outdoors is for human health and wellbeing. Science confirms a piece of time-honoured folk wisdom. It’s time for a walk in the woods.

    Håkan Stenlund