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Going by train is easy and friendly. Eco-friendly and a great opportunity to meet new friends or spend quality time with yours.

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Go by train

www.vy.se All the way from Stockholm to Riksgränsen and you can even book a connecting bus to other destinations if needed.
www.norrtag.se The local train between Kiruna and Luleå.
www.inlandsbanan.se A train route available during summer, from Southern Sweden all the way up to Gällivare in Swedish Lapland.
www.thearcticroute.com The Arctic Route make it possible to experience Arctic Finnish and Swedish Lapland and northern Norway all on the same bus trip.

For information about the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden, please visit krisinformation.se.

In Swedish Lapland, nature is always the focal point. The vast, untamed nature that is. Like the deep forests, the highest peaks and the most furiously flowing rivers. We have it all. And it’s no secret that the train is the nature-friendly way to travel.

You let yourself get engulf with a book. Enjoy relaxing in the dining car, have a chat with your fellow passengers. Watch the passing landscapes alternate.

On a train, you can leave your everyday life behind you, dial down the volume on your inner pulse and prepare for your stay in our arctic living room.

Most popular train route is between Luleå and Kiruna. That way you get to experience the islands of Swedish Lapland, the bustling city life by the coast, and the remote mountain area with Abisko National Park and the many ski resorts.

Are you going to the mountains? Usually, you can combine your train ticket with a bus ticket to your final destination. Take the train to Murjek, Gällivare, Kiruna or Abisko and take the bus from there. If you’re going to Vindelfjällen, take the train to Umeå.

World’s best place for northern lights

On a beautiful Tuesday night, we take the chairlift from the village of Abisko towards the top of mount Njullá. It’s cold and crisp, the ...

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  • The King of all trails

    The King's Trail runs through Sweden's most beautiful mountain scenery and provides more than 400 kilometres' worth of hiking adventure for the first-time hiker as well as the truly experienced mountain veteran. It is one of the world's most famous hiking trails, and the stage between Abisko and Nikkaluokta is the most-travelled trail in all of Sweden.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • A place to preserve

    Just outside Luleå, you'll find the church village Gammelstad. This used to be where Luleå city centre was located right up to the 17th century, with red log cabins in a kind of organised chaos around one of Sweden's most beautiful churches. It's a unique place and something to preserve for future generations.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • The eight seasons

    In Swedish Lapland, nature plays an intrinsic role in our life and work, and the people here are highly sensitive to the small details of the changing seasons. Therefore, it seems only natural that the Sámi people describe eight seasons instead of four.

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