Top five for skiing in Swedish Lapland

Hit the slopes

Photo: Markus Alatalo

Text: Therese Sidevärn

Being outdoors is a natural part of the arctic lifestyle, and during winter – skiing is the way to go. Pro or beginner, Swedish Lapland offers it all. You just need to find your flavour among our resorts. Here is our top five for downhill skiing like a champ!

1. Riksgränsen

The legendary ski resort on the border to Norway is the yearly host of Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, which also serves as the grand finale of the European freeride season. The event takes place in May and is usually frequented by international stars.

It’s safe to say that this is an excellent location for off-piste skiing. And unlike any other resort in Sweden, Riksgränsen, in the Kiruna mountain world, is open until the end of May, and it’s even possible to go skiing on Midsummer Eve under the midnight sun accompanied with appropriate traditional celebration. This resort also has a history of raising great mogul-skiers like Jesper Rönnbäck and Olympic finalist in Sochi, Per Spett.

2. Björkliden

Along the train tracks that also lead to Riksgränsen is another legendary ski resort with a lot of history and heritage. Björkliden offers skiing above the tree limit with amazing views over Lapporten, mountains forming the gate to Lapland. If you are after well-groomed runs and not having to wait in line for the ski-lift, this is a perfect place for you. The family-oriented atmosphere also offers all other types of winter-fun for both little and big kids.

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3. Dundret

Located only a few kilometres away from the railway station in Gällivare is another resort that is famous for raising cross-country skiing professionals like Markus Hellner, who the Stadium close to the mountain is named after. Due to the great conditions here, Gällivare has had the honour of hosting the Cross-Country World Cup several times in recent years. The season here is long: from the end of October until the beginning of May, and there is plenty to enjoy on and around the mountain regarding different skill levels. Locals also reluctantly confirm that there is some great off-piste skiing in the woods here – but promise you won’t tell anyone.

4. Storklinten

Fancy combining your skiing holiday with exciting winter experiences close to the coast? Then Storklinten is the place for you. Less than an hour away from Luleå city and a great selection of culture, great food and activities – you’ll find the small, but all-in-one ski-resort. All runs finish at the centre of the resort where you’ll also find the main restaurant, so it’s great for the family who skis at different levels. Make sure you take the opportunity to get freshly baked bread from the resort bakery delivered to your cabin door.

5. Kåbdalis

It’s a bit off the beaten track – but boy, will you get the complete winter setting. Kåbdalis is a small resort located in the woodlands between Arvidsjaur, Jokkmokk and Boden. The resort opened 50 years ago and is still run by the same family, just a new generation. They are famous for having one of the earliest season premieres in Sweden and is a popular location for ski-teams to train for the World Cup-premiere.

All that is left now is for you to decide which flavour to try first!
And make sure you’ve done your pre-season squats 🙂