Arctic Sweden is at the forefront, leading the green transition. Investments in creating fossil-free steel, better utilization of fossil-free energy, and the development of future forestry and food supply are ongoing at the same time. The scale is enormous, in fact the most comprehensive since the industrial revolution, 100 years ago.

The next hundred years bring things to a head – the whole of society, all sectors are involved. Sharp jobs and qualified tasks in direct connection with the core operations. From the bottom of the mountain, into space, to the highest mountain peak, and in the care of our elderly.

Our companies strive to make their value chains better for people and the environment. The relationship with our partners, customers and employees means a lot. Together we make the Arctic better so that the world can be better. A sustainable transition requires courage to implement. An indigenous mindset across generations. Our common future, together in the Arctic environment, is taking steps forward in a new direction.

In short:
  • € 100 billion investments in green industrial transition
  • Ten thousands of talent needed in job sectors such as public sector, health and social care, the educational system, hospitality, IT, transport, construction, basic industry.
  • 100,000 new inhabitant are estimated to be needed, due to the ongoing development.