Emma Forsberg

Born, raised and lives in Gällivare. Love dogs, food and spring-winter in Swedish Lapland.

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When to see the northern lights in Swedish Lapland

The lights quickly shift from hesitant and hardly visible veils to sparkling cones, seemingly covering the entire heavens. It may be a myth, but many people claim to have also heard the northern light...


Anything but wilderness

After the longest cul-de-sac in Sweden, or the Road West as it’s often called by the locals, just before you reach Stora Sjöfallet, you’ll find Naturum Laponia. At first, it’s hidden by sparse, old-gr...


Swim, bike, run

Are you adventurous and looking for new challenges? Perhaps you’ve done the classic races and now you’re looking for the next trial? Perhaps Laponia Triathlon 67N° could be something for you? Laponia ...


Durable fashion

In the early 2000s, the craft company Kero was half an hour from bankruptcy, just as cousins Emma and Erik Kero were about to take over as the third generation in the family business. Some decades lat...


The hiking guide

Prepare properly Ask experienced hikers for advice A good way of getting up-to-date and to get useful information is to ask experienced mountain hikers. People who spend time in the mountains can give...


A frozen icon

The entrepreneur Yngve Bergqvist used to run the inn in the village of Jukkasjärvi, about 17 kilometres east of Kiruna. They had a sauna where they rented out towels and sold beers to the mining compa...