Maria Sirviö

Internet geek and mother of two. Loves food and photography. Living large in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland.

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The forest is yours

Picking cloudberries with my parents might be my most boring childhood memory. Hunched down on marshland guarded by fir trees, not a gust of wind in sight and sweat pouring under a scarf that offered...


Outdoor fika

Our fika tradition You might have read somewhere that Swedes drink a lot of coffee. Specifically, 3.2 cups per person every day. When we go abroad, coffee is the first thing we Swedes complain about: ...


An autumn hike in Abisko

Autumn… It can be really boring… and dreary… and just… just wonderful! Autumn is so immediate; it makes its first appearance after a chilly night and then moves on at full speed. Its colours and clear...