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New meetings that clear the path ahead

Visitors frequently tell us that Swedish Lapland is a place beyond thought, a place full of wonderful discoveries. Who knows, it may be here that you get the insight and inspiration that develops into a fresh idea and completely new business opportunities for you and your company.

Get inspired!

Winter Life in Luleå and Piteå
Incentive Road Trip in Skellefteå

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Success stories
  • 3 perfect days in Luleå

    How about a pack ice tour along the frozen archipelago, Dinner on ICE, ice-rally, cross-kart and hovercraft on frozen water, a cruise with an icebreaker and relaxing in an outdoor hot-tub after all th...

  • Northern lights, not necessarily easy to photograph

    3 perfect days in Swedish Lapland

    Want to see more, learn more and experience more during your stay? Then this could be your trip! Taste Skellefteå’s beer, go zip-lining, wake up to the stunning view from Silver Lodge up on Mountain G...