Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson is a photographer based in Idaho, U.S. You can check out his work at

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The summer coast

The year was 1944. The world was at war, and allied forces had just carried out Operation Neptune, D Day. At home in Jävre, electrician Elof Söderberg wandered about, wondering what to do with his rec...


The secret stone valley

— What is this?! Have you seen anything cooler than this, Zach? American photographer Andy Anderson calls out to his son and it echos through the Stone Valley. But his son doesn’t answer; he seems abs...


Archipelago days

Don’t let’s anticipate here, but I can tell you that the whole idea of going island hopping in the Bothnian Bay archipelago wasn’t exactly my son’s idea. It was mine. It was based on that ancient prov...


The labyrinths
on the islands

In Sweden, there are about 300 known pristine labyrinths, about 100 of these can be found on the coast and the islands of Swedish Lapland. With all certainty, there are more labyrinths hidden under th...


The longest silence

But that doesn’t happen very often. Most fish are ridiculously small, hardly worth mentioning. Honestly, who wants to hear the story about when you caught a couple of char that was big enough to fill ...


Outdoor fika

Our fika tradition You might have read somewhere that Swedes drink a lot of coffee. Specifically, 3.2 cups per person every day. When we go abroad, coffee is the first thing we Swedes complain about: ...


A frozen icon

The entrepreneur Yngve Bergqvist used to run the inn in the village of Jukkasjärvi, about 17 kilometres east of Kiruna. They had a sauna where they rented out towels and sold beers to the mining compa...


A design favourite

A slow walk through the birch forest that surrounds the path between breakfast at the Treehotel restaurant and my room, the Mirrorcube, soon reveals the grandeur of the hotel. The beautiful birch fore...


At Pinetree Lodge

Five kilometres from where the public road ends in Kangos, outside of Pajala, is where you find Pinetree Lodge in Särkimukka. Four people live there: Johan, Sara, and their two children. And one hundr...