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The midnight sun

Trying to sleep yourself isn’t the greatest challenge you’ll face in the midnight light. No, the true challenge is getting small children to sleep. The clock proves that bedtime has been and gone. It’...


Hit the slopes

1. Riksgränsen The legendary ski resort on the border to Norway is the yearly host of Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, which also serves as the grand finale of the European freeride season. Th...


Into the winter

When the rest of Sweden prepares for spring, Björkliden and Riksgränsen open for the winter season. Håkan Stenlund goes north, to the playground of the fanatics. “Thank you for this weekend”. “Thank y...


Vast contrasts

The resort Riksgränsen is situated on the border of Sweden and Norway — just as the name in Swedish suggests. This is the last outpost, and when the blizzards reign, also where the road ends. Neverthe...